How It All Started

Excellence in Giving is a full-service philanthropic advisory firm serving high capacity donors since 2002. Our founder, Al Mueller, combined his past experiences as a private wealth manager, nonprofit board member, and donor to become a leader in the field of philanthropic "portfolio management." Our investment approach to charitable giving helped clients give over $100 million in our first ten years to high-performing projects and organizations around the world. 

The Excellence in Giving team has participated in a wide variety of philanthropic initiatives ranging from White House conferences, to meeting with mission leaders from the jungles of Burma and researching funding strategies for natural disasters. From Main Street to the Middle East, we have helped high profile donors find and strategically fund high impact charities. Families who want to maximize their giving experience while minimizing the hassle of getting "hit up" now turn to us for advice on over $20 million of gifts each year.

Our clients live throughout the United States, from Texas to Indiana and California to Connecticut. Few philanthropic advisory firms have such a long history with an established network of experts that literally spans the globe. And the grant impact reports we are compiling for our clients demonstrate that we not only have a strong past, but our clients are making history through wise giving right now. Come join our multi-family foundation office and let us help you make history of the problems you want to solve!

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