Excellence in Giving’s advice, involvement, and partnering with my family is invaluable and greatly responsible for any accomplishment we enjoy with one of our major nonprofit partnerships.
— T. Chambers

Excellence in Giving is retained by high-capacity families who desire greater joy and impact from their charitable giving. Our services are tailored to each family's own legacy and philanthropic goals. We deliver personalized and confidential service that families of significant wealth expect from their professional advisors. Our multi-family approach increases leverage and efficiency by reducing costs and sharing expertise.

Family Philanthropy Services

Family Philanthropy Trips. Excellence in Giving plans and guides families on trips to celebrate the impact of their giving and/or to learn about new high-performing organizations around the world.  Each trip involves (1) experiential education, (2) service projects, and (3) fun!



Multi-Generational Family Giving.  Excellence In Giving can prepare materials for grantmaking decisions at family foundation board meetings and educate the next generation on the process of good grantmaking decisions.  Post-grant reports will be provided as well as practical ways for parents to share their values and history of giving with the second and third generations. Our assistance makes giving easy and prepares the next generation before they inherit the family foundation.