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Strategic Partner

Excellence in Giving and BURGHER HAGGARD share core values and complementary services for helping a family office. BURGHER HAGGARD offers virtual bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting for a small or large family office.  Whether a family office is just starting or considering hiring additional accounting staff as they grow, BURGHER HAGGARD can offer immediate value with their experience working with many family systems since 1993.  Their accounting processes, automation and consolidated entity reporting help family managers and non-active family members know what they have and how it’s doing through a virtual portal with interactive reporting.

BURGHER HAGGARD also has consulting services to help a family communicate and govern shared assets across generations.  From facilitating a family meeting or annual retreat to putting together a family’s overall strategic plan, BURGHER HAGGARD can help. Contact BURGHER HAGGARD at (817) 332-5256 or submit your request through the form below.