Learning from past mistakes and applying wisdom to future decisions increases the joy of giving. So Excellence in Giving provides comprehensive evaluations of nonprofit leadership, finances, strategy, and impact.  Our Research team has developed proprietary tools and processes for identifying nonprofit strengths and weaknesses. 

We begin by collecting Nonprofit Analytics for every charity you support and determine if one of our deeper levels of nonprofit evaluation is needed for larger gifts.


Evaluation Projects

Special Research Projects

Geographic Research

Excellence in Giving researches community trends and nonprofit solutions so clients can give strategically in any local community. The advanced methodology for quantitative and qualitative research produces simple conclusions about what is getting better or worse and why. A user-friendly report summarizes (1) root causes of community problems, (2) success stories of improvement, and (3) recommended grant ideas. Check out our graphically-enhanced and hyperlinked Community Solutions Assessment for Glynn County, GA.

Topical Research

Excellence in Giving can identify key data trends for topics ranging from homelessness in Houston to poverty alleviation in India. Gaps in services are identified so strategic funders can invest where action is needed to make progress solving a problem they care about. The goal is not just to understand an issue or categorize contributing factors to the problem, but to acquire actionable intelligence. Good research leads to smarter giving.

Check out our ground-breaking study of The Fight Against Domestic Sex Trafficking

Impact Measurement

The Excellence in Giving Research team has been designing and implementing Outcomes Measurement systems since 2010. Since our clients want to support high-impact organizations, we build processes to measure the lasting transformation linked to nonprofit programs. Nonprofits receive the benefit of an ongoing outcomes measurement process while donors get concrete impact data to make smart giving decisions.

READ MORE about our Outcomes Measurement projects.