Current Openings

Excellence in Giving is currently looking for talented individuals in the following positions at its headquarters in Colorado Springs. We invite qualified candidates to review the job description and apply. Send cover letter, resume and salary history and/or requirements.

  1. Research Interns:  (unpaid educational internship):  Interns research and evaluate nonprofit performance to populate a database informing high-capacity givers.



Interns build the Nonprofit Analytics platform to help donors of all sizes identify and evaluate high-performing charities.  Building the platform gives interns an opportunity to interface with hundreds of organizations involved in diverse social services and development efforts around the world.  Interns learn how to gather critical data and analyze governance, finances, strategy, and impact.


Excellence in Giving's office is in downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Change the world during the week and play in the Rockies on the weekend!


  • Unpaid, educational: 6-15 weeks in spring, summer or fall

  • Paid, full-time: 4-12 months as available



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During my summer with Excellence in Giving, I gained a deep knowledge of philanthropy, social enterprise, and impact investing. Besides the stimulating work and engaging content, the people truly made the experience. Al, Paul, and the rest of the team were equally interested in my personal growth as in the value I added to the firm.
— Patrick, 2012 Intern, Yale MBA, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor