Revolutionary "Community Solutions Assessment" Published

Every philanthropist is going to want Excellence in Giving's new comprehensive, user-friendly assessment of local community issues, trends, and solutions. Our research department just completed the first Community Solutions Assessment for Glynn County, GA using new research and formatting principles. A client is using the conclusions to direct their hometown philanthropy.

Simple green, yellow, and red arrow icons capture complicated research to show whether a community’s top issues are getting better or worse. Each conclusion is based on key data with hyperlinked sources for any reader to check. We interview over 50 community leaders to interpret the data correctly and can update conclusions in the future to reflect progress or failure. The assessment explores causes & contributing factors behind each community problem and highlights service gaps, success stories, and recommended nonprofit solutions. The graphically enhanced and hyperlinked document streamlines strategic grantmaking decisions.

It has been so hard for the field to develop instruments that strike the right balance between neighborhood data profiles and needs assessments on one hand, and guidelines for action on the other. What I like about this is that it synthesizes the information into clear trends that practitioners can respond to. And it helps shape a narrative about where the community is going that residents and local leaders (as well as other stakeholders) can participate in.
— Elwood Hopkins, President of Emerging Markets Development Corporation

The Excellence in Giving research team is prepared to launch new Community Solutions Assessments for private and community foundations who appreciate the unusual combination of solid research in a user-friendly, actionable format.