Paul Penley BW.jpeg

Paul Penley, Ph.D.

Director of Research

Dr. Penley evaluates the health and performance of charities to inform effective grantmaking strategies. He has refined methods for nonprofit due diligence and tracking post-grant impact. He has completed on-site evaluations in a dozen countries around the world. Dr. Penley specializes in creating and evaluating outcome measurement systems for internal and external reporting of program effectiveness. He has presented his approach at community foundations, Philanthropy Roundtable meetings, and Yale Philanthropy Conference. He has published research insights in Alliance magazine, Planned Giving Today, and OUTCOMES magazine. He contributes to blogs for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Council on Foundations, and Exponent Philanthropy. 

Dr. Penley has international relief work and ministry experience in Mexico, Bolivia, Kosovo, India, Kenya and Uganda. He studied abroad in Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Egypt, to understand international culture and history. He performs Community Solutions Assessments so clients can find and fund strategic local charities. He created our user-friendly charity evaluation platform at so any subscriber can assess nonprofit performance and impact using up-to-date, in-depth data. Dr. Penley’s ability to identify predictive indicators of mission failure or success allows those he advises to support high-performing charities making the difference they want to fund.

Paul is also a published author and adjunct professor. He resides in Colorado Springs with his family where he enjoys flyfishing the endless trout streams in Colorado.