Jedd Schroy

Evaluation Officer

Mr. Schroy is a gifted leader, an optimist and a builder of people and processes that deliver results. He began his career in financial services before co-founding an organization developing African entrepreneurs. Determined tenacity, strategic analysis, problem solving, capacity building and creative thinking have been hallmarks of his career. Jedd joined Excellence in Giving in 2019 to contribute to the success of clients and organizations investing in the most pressing and important work of our time.

Jedd has traveled, worked and served in more than 40 countries. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a degree in International Relations and Business Administration. Jedd is a published author, speaker and lifelong learner, his favorite topics are economics, redemptive entrepreneurship and theology. A native of California, he still calls it home in his heart and together with his wife and four daughters, he enjoys photography, storytelling and traveling.